going forward

As the new year begins, you will find a new look to revad.com, where I now show a grid of SELECTED FIDGETS. The FIDGET metaphor continues to be the single best descriptor of my practice. I can’t help myself and (if I am honest with myself) I don’t want to.

As usual, the many online spaces (I use to share my outcomes) are all linked at revad.com. But, here is a snapshot of the current crop:

Some are more active than others. Note, I no longer use any POD sites to exhibit. The only way to invest in an outcome is to agree a commission. Be aware, I only agree a commission if the project will further my practice. I am not in this to make money. Art is not a living.

Going forward, my main digital production environment consists of a desktop PC, a laptop (shown here) and a handful of Raspberry Pi modules. All are running Linux. The desk top and laptop are running Linux Mint 21.1 Vera Cinnamon and the Pi modules Raspberry Pi OS, all of which have Debian as a base. This gives a certain consistency and familiarity across these diverse hardware platforms.

In addition, I do use the Apple ecosystem of iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air, occasionally for production, mainly for consumption. This allows me to see my online virtual outcomes as others might. An audience eye view, you could say.

Primary software: The GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, Krita, Procreate, Processing, IDLE (Python) and Sublime Text.

Secondary software: Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher.

I spend the majority of time with The GIMP, Processing, Sublime Text, and Procreate.

So, there we have it. I will be going forward from here.