for covimetry – exhibition


  • 2020

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A virtual exhibition, featuring a never ending contemporary algorithmic animation.

The random colour spirals seemed to fit with these COVID times. The spiral representing geometry. Then, combined with the random colour and mark size, representing the spread of the virus outward from the source. I then decided to offset the spiral to represent the asymmetric infection pattern in the population, between age groups in particular. But, these things are just my motivation for constructing these abstract algorithmic serial outcomes.

The animation can be viewed at:

Art Prints

It is (maybe) worth saying, the mask is used here as a symbol of our time and as a tool to add context. I do not make masks and I do not sell masks. Indeed, I question their use as anything more than a symbol of compliance. My anecdotal observation is, they cause the user to touch their face more often, and are just as likely to be counter productive. I make no scientific claims, this is just my own gut (dare I say) common sense feeling. The point is, I do not encourage or condone their use as anything more than a symbol of our time.

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UPDATED: 2022-10-16