february 2019 review


  • 2019
FEBRUARY 2019 REVIEW © 2019 REVAD David Riley
FEBRUARY 2019 REVIEW © 2019 REVAD David Riley

This month has seen more outcomes from my generative code enquiry. These outcomes have manifested themselves as social media posts on Instagram, a selection of large format prints at codedimages.pixels.com, and as kinetic virtual installations at xyz.codedimages.com. I derived a MONOCHROME SPIRAL STREAM from the RADICAL SPIRAL STREAM. I started to explore a SQUARE SPIRAL STREAM, but there is much more to do in that direction. All the time, with the first signs of Spring, I have been encouraged to think ahead to how I might use the analogue studio this year. As is usual for me, I started out by looking back to what has been achieved in previous years, and specifically what happened last year. I am planning and looking forward to what might be achieved on the studio TRANSIENT INSTALLATION WALL in 2019.

This month’s photo montage hints at this mix of looking back and looking forward.