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  • 2018
  • Text with linked hard edged digital grid painting. Composed by (ab)using the Facebook photo handling system (as-of October 2018).

“In the process of making my recent FACEBOOK GRID SERIES, I uploaded simple colour blocks and signed each block with REVAD[.]COM (sans the [ ]), as I have always signed my art this way. These colour blocks were then captured in the various states of presentation offered by FACEBOOK. Mainly, I screen captured the block of nine images on my timeline. I used my iPad to achieve this. I then uploaded these new square colour grids and they became part of the grid of nine. Again, I captured these new grids and uploaded them too. In this process, (I felt) I was doing nothing wrong. I was uploading images I liked (and I had made) and referencing the maker’s web site (my web site), something many users do all the time. However, it seems my process fell foul of the FACEBOOK automatic spam detection ‘BOT. And so, this harmless art has been arbitrarily censored and hidden from us all. I say ‘hidden’ because I can find the images in my ‘support inbox’, but I cannot see them on my own timeline, as had been promised by the censor ‘BOT messages I have received. Additionally, the FACEBOOK ‘BOT has deemed my artist website to be ‘unsafe’ and blocked anyone from entering the URL in a post or comment (this block has since migrated to INSTAGRAM too). Which is ironic, given it is the safest it has ever been, after I spent a good deal of time adding an SSL certificate and removing all analytics and other potential sources of personal data tracking (goodbye GOOGLE analytics). So, here I am with a censored profile and not able to link my profile or page to my artist web site. There is also no clearly documented process to challenge this situation. But, I am an artist and I am always very happy when my art gets a reaction! I will be leaving this profile as-is until such time as the censorship is removed and my artist web site is unblocked. Should you wish to see the censored art in another context, I will attempt to install a link in the comments below.” REVAD 2018-11-05

Of course, this is a quote directly from my Facebook @revaddotcom profile. I have included one of the ten outcomes below and a link to a POD gallery displaying all ten above.

2018-10-25-14-32 (GRID) © REVAD David Riley
2018-10-25-14-32 (GRID) © REVAD David Riley

UPDATE: “my web site is no longer deemed ‘unsafe’. My posts have been released from limbo. However, I have deleted most of them. To be safe, I have removed links to R E V A D . C O M from the rest. I still consider FACEBOOK an unsafe place for direct connection to my safe, no tracking, artist web site. I am giving myself a cooling off period, before I consider what to do with this [FACEBOOK] account in the future. I have also removed direct links to R E V A D . C O M from my FACEBOOK PAGE. The same cooling off period applies there. No doubt I’ll be back sometime, if only to disable this [FACEBOOK] account. In the mean-time, you know how to find me elsewhere…” REVAD 2018-11-09

UPDATE: “After some thinking time, I have relinked this [FACEBOOK] profile and my page to I have also linked a fresh Instagram account. But, there will be no more Facebook or Instagram inspired enquiries. In future, any major fidgeting will happen elsewhere.”. REVAD 2018-11-12